Most times we tend to forget that we are all human beings and life will not always be smooth sailing. Life will throw different things at us, there will be difficult times, trying times, times where we think all hope is lost. However, during this phase of our life, it is very important to keep a positive attitude, this will not only help you get out of your situation quicker but also help with your relationship with the people around you i.e. friends, family, work colleagues etc.

Sometimes a tough time is just a bad day, but often times it’s a bad week, month, or even longer. It’s always important to remind yourself that you WILL get through that season. You must persevere and rise above! In these times of trials, remind yourself of all of the truths!

When life gets you down, remember that it’s only shaping you to be a stronger version of yourself

Whenever I’m faced with any challenges, I try my best possible not to dwell on it or even allow it to swallow me, instead I try to figure out what lesson is to be learnt, most times we go through stuffs thinking it would drown us but we don’t know the level of capacity we have and how strong we are. This period in our life can build us, increase our tenacity and bring the best out of us.

It is important to always be thankful during those difficult times, people have it worse out there, we thank God for clothing because that’s what covers us all.

I agree, tough times are hard but let it be used to shape you into the person you are meant to be. Never forget to wear a smile, Instead of being sober, why not glow through what you’re going through.


Don’t let your tough time rub you of who you are, determine that despite of what you are going through you want to have fun and live your best life now. Make sure you enjoy every bit of it so you don’t regret your actions in the future.

If you are feeling down or frustrated don’t be afraid to speak to someone about it, that person might make you feel much better and uplift your spirit.

You could also find activities that make you happy like going for group exercises, swimming classes or even shopping. Look for ways to treat and love yourself. Be your own biggest supporter. Trust me when you start loving yourself despite your flaws and challenges you will start to feel like you can achieve anything, the sky is your limit.

From today, I want you to stop looking at what you cannot accomplish but looking at things you have accomplished and things that you are capable of achieving. In the world we live in, we find ourselves putting so much pressure on ourselves because of what others have accomplished and often we start to compare ourselves and when we don’t meet up to the other person that we are comparing ourselves to, so we start to feel unaccomplished. We don’t need all that pressure. Remember that everyone has their own unique abilities so don’t pressure yourself. Just remain you and keep challenging yourself to be better.


When life gets you down, what’s something that you always remind yourself of? Do you struggle with anything in particular? Tough times and trials are to make us grow stronger and wiser…What’s a time in your life when a trial helped you become stronger? What are your tips for staying encouraged during tough times? Let’s encourage one another!


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